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Float Bar Chart


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SharePoint Site Float Bar Chart  A Floating Bar Chart displays a sequence of horizontal or vertical bars, each bar representing a one-dimensional value range. A Floating Bar chart can be used as a Gantt chart if the Y axis is in date-time scale mode. Gantt charts are popular in project management for planning the use of resources over time. Different activities that take place in the project are denoted by their start and finish dates/times. This chart example displays activities in time. The chart uses left to right orientation in a combination with e Range Datetime scale for the Y axis. 4 years ago
SharePoint Site Float Bar Palette Chart  The Chart Float Bar series has been extended to support a feature called value palette. This feature allows you to color code the data points of the series depending on a their value so that the chart becomes more visually appealing to the user. 4 years ago

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